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Our dedicated Befriending Volunteers provide weekly one-to-one encouragement to help isolated women stay connected with their community and support LBTQ+ women become empowered to live the life they want.


We offer one-to-one advice on Welfare Issues (by appointment) and on Domestic Abuse, over the phone or online, with trained Advice Workers who speak Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi, Turkish and English.


Workshops, Training & Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse

Our workshops perform a variety of functions. They encourage women to discuss domestic abuse and violence, teaching them to be self aware of the issue, how to protect themselves & to know their rights under UK law. We also provide classes to help women improve their wellbeing, learn skills and make friends. See the full range of our workshops. We also hold workshops to train our Befriending Volunteers who work closely with MEWSo clients.

English Conversation

We provide English Conversation Classes for women who want to learn or improve their spoken English, to help alleviate their isolation and function better in society.

Exercise Classes

We recognise the importance of physical exercise and run weekly Zumba and Body & Mind classes. with some yoga influences, in English with Arabic & Farsi translations if needed. It is especially tailored to women who have experienced gender-based discrimination and/or violence. Our Zumba is suitable for women of all ages and abilities and uses a variety of musical styles and dance moves, including Salsa, to help improve cardiovascular fitness. 

Art Therapy

We understand that for some women talking about their issues is too difficult, so we offer Art Therapy classes as a way for them to creatively express their emotions. During school holidays there may also be a class for the children of women who wish to take part, to help them use up their excess energy, so mum can relax.

Social Clubs

Our Social Clubs have now been moved online and allow women to have their say in what other activities they want to do, or skills they want to learn, such as cooking, gardening, sewing etc. It's their chance to take a leading role in shaping the group. We also have workshops when the need arises that are specifically for LBTQ+ women (whether they are out and proud or not), where they can discuss issues, express themselves artistically and just have fun with other women with similar issues.

Help for Children in Need

We offer some financial support to mothers of children living in poverty through helping them buy Christmas gifts and paying for the children to have special days out.

All our services are free,
however, if you wish to make a referral, or to refer yourself, to secure a place,
please fill out this referral form and email it to us.
For further information:
Call: 07958 145 666 or
Email: office@mewso.org

MEWSo is a grassroots organisation that aims to help disadvantaged women from a number of different ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds. All information provided to MEWSo is strictly confidential and only used to provide adequate services for our clients. For more information about how we use your data, please see our privacy policy on our website.

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