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Middle Eastern Women & Society Organisation


  • Need to know your rights?

  • Distressed? Isolated?

  • In an abusive relationship?

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Helping Rebuild the Lives of Vulnerable Women



Advice & Support

On issues such as Welfare & Benefits and on Domestic Abuse & Violence, all our advice and support is given in the strictest confidence.



FREE workshops to improve women's skills, their mental & physical wellbeing & empower them to lead the lives they want.

Support Group

Training for

Bespoke training sessions for professionals supporting girls affected by the illegal practises of virginity tests and hymen reconstructive surgery.


Latest News
Vacancies & Volunteering

Catch up on all our latest news, views and events. 

Also, any job vacancies and our latest volunteering opportunities.


"I was in a terrible stage of my life. I thought I had lost not just my mind but also my children. I now have a network of friends and the good people from MEWSo. I asked for help before it was too late."

Zhala, Kurdish mother of three

"When the doctor told me about my illness my life collapsed. I thought nobody could understand me or what I was suffering and that I would never cope. But being with a befriender and having her visit me every week was like a gift."

Suna, a Turkish widow






Unlawful in the UK, we aim to discourage the cultural practice of polygamy.

One man, one wife at a time.

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Banned: Hymen Reconstruction
is Illegal 

We will continue to raise awareness of the damage these practises do to women and girls and will work tirelessly to stamp them for good.

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Step Up
Migrant Women



We fight, alongside over 50 other organisations, for the Human Rights of migrant women.

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We reject discrimination, inequality & exclusion in all its forms & encourage LGBTQ+ people to lead their best lives.

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