Volunteering Opportunites

Volunteer With MEWSo Today

No matter where you come from or what you do, your contribution is vital to us! 

MEWSo volunteers come from all walks of life, bringing with them different perspectives, backgrounds and skills, as well as passion and commitment to support our mission. 

By joining MEWSo as a volunteer, you will gain experience in the charity sector and improve your skills and your employability by being part of a highly motivated, friendly and professional team. You will meet new people and receive ongoing support and supervision from the staff, as well as have different learning and development opportunities available to you so you can enhance your skills and knowledge.  

We have partnered with national recognition schemes such as Tempo Time Credits so that you earn Time Credits for each hour you put into volunteering. These credits can be spent on a variety of fun activities and training workshops.  

But most importantly, you will make a positive difference to vulnerable women from black, brown, ethnic minority, and refugee communities by helping to empower them to rebuild their lives. 

We are keen to make your volunteering experience with us enjoyable, rewarding, flexible and impactful. So, what are you waiting for? Get involved.

For more information about volunteering with us or if you have specific questions about it, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email Loris, our Volunteers Engagement & Programme Manager, at loris.konaizeh@mewso.org. We will endeavour to reply to your email within five working days. 

Recruiting A New Chair  & Treasurer

for our Board of Trustees


About Us

We are a community-led voluntary organisation, set up 12 years ago and are committed to improving the lives of women from minority backgrounds across London. We work with survivors of domestic violence, LGBTQ+ people and migrant women with no access to benefits. We provide a range of wellbeing activities and advice on domestic violence and welfare for about 500 women each year.

Our campaigns aim to raise awareness on difficult issues such as: polygamy, forced virginity testing, LGBTQ+ rights and migrate issues for women. The media is becoming increasingly interested in these issues, and our Founder and Executive Director, Halaleh Taheri, is regularly invited for interviews by various media outlets helping to raise awareness and attract supporters.


MEWSo is a member of several key local networks too, where our team contribute their expertise on socio-cultural taboos affecting women from migrant backgrounds.

Our Trustees

We currently have an all-women Board of Trustees who are responsible for setting up the overall strategic directions of MEWSo and support our Executive Director and members of staff.


We are looking to diversify our Board by recruiting passionate women who can be our new Chair and new Treasurer of the Board and who are willing to share their expertise, experience and time.

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