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Staying Safe

Protecting Yourself
How to Stay Safe at Home

If you are experiencing an unsafe environment at home and are at risk of domestic abuse, follow these steps to help keep you and your family safe.

  • Keep your mobile phone charged and on you at all times.

  • Agree on a code word with trusted friends and family so that they can call the police if you text or call them.

  • Talk to your children about ways to stay safe if the perpetrator becomes abusive. Tell them NOT to intervene as this could put them in further danger.

  • Teach your children how to get to safety.

  • Teach your children how to call 999. They need to be able to say your full address in English.

  • If your neighbours are aware of the situation, let them know that they should call the police if they hear a disturbance.

  • If your partner becomes violent, try to stay away from the kitchen and garage or anywhere that might have potential weapons.

Always remember, you are not alone 

Domestic Abuse is a Crime

The Police have a duty to protect you and your children. You should not be discriminated against because of your immigration status.

Protecting Others
How to Help Those at Risk

If you are worried about a family member or a friend staying at home with an abuser, you can help her access safety and support.

  • Do NOT approach the perpetrator about his behaviour. This could escalate the abuse and put you, your friend and her family in greater danger.

  • When it is safe for her, offer to make regular contact by texts, phone calls, video calls or emails to check if she is at risk.

  • Agree with her on a code word that she can tell you or text you when she is at risk so that you can contact the police for her. You'll need to call the police on 999 and give them her full address.

  • Encourage her to seek professional advice and help.

  • Be patient, respect her time and be there when she needs you.

Remember, she needs your support NOT your judgement.

We Can Help

If you need professional advice, contact the
Middle Eastern Women and Society Organisation (

 07421 145 528 or 07931 314 631

You can also contact the 24-hours a day / 7-days a week
National Domestic Abuse Helpline

0808 2000 247
and ask for an interpreter

If you are in immediate danger,
always call the police on 999.

Step Up Migrant Women, or SUMA, is a coalition of charities and organisations whose aim is to protect the vulnerable women who are migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and campaign for their human rights. 

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