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About Events in Iran
by Halaleh Taheri

The women's liberation movement in Iran is fighting for freedom and equality, for a better and happier life, which has been denied them as human beings for the past 43 years.


Women in Iran burned their veils in public to show that they are against all forms of oppression, including being forced to live a life under the systematic control of the Islamic State and the man-dominated family structure.


But, they also recognise that women can't fight this battle alone without help from men, and without help from all other movements working to pull down abusive governments, dictatorships and capitalism, to reach their goal of equality.


I can't wait to see my country celebrating the end of the apartheid between men and women, rebuilding their lives for the better, and making sure that freedom and equality will be guaranteed for every citizen.

Iranians gather to demonstrate and say their goodbyes to Mahsa Amini, October 2022

In Iran, men and women demonstrate together in the name of Mahsa Amini despite the police and military guards, October 2022.

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