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The Crisis in Afghanistan:

MEWSo’s Statement


We are deeply, deeply shocked with what we have witnessed going on in Afghanistan: the violations of human rights, the punishments, the disappearances, and the deaths of Afghan people now that the Taliban has returned. We especially fear for the women and girls, LGBTQ+ people, journalists, and teachers - anyone who doesn’t fit in with the Taliban’s ideology from the Dark Ages.

The Taliban has the capacity to commit great atrocities. We saw this when they came to power in 1996. The once vibrant cities and towns of Afghanistan crumbled under these barbaric killers, murdering many sections of the population. Hundreds of women were stoned to death and gay men executed. They burnt books and videos, forced women to wrap themselves in Burkas and sent girls home from school. They created such an atmosphere of fear and hatred and they shed so much blood that the people could hardly breathe.

MEWSo calls for urgent Safe Havens for the people of Afghanistan

We appeal to all Governments, humanitarian organisations, charities, anyone at home or abroad who is involved with the crisis in Afghanistan, to open your heart and open your doors to give Afghan people shelter, especially those in the greatest of danger who stand up for Human Rights and have bravely been fighting for these rights for the past twenty years.

It is not enough for us to care and show sympathy. We at MEWSo stand together with our sister organisations as we work hard to support Afghan women and their families living in London who are now alone, distressed, and frightened. They are afraid for themselves and for their family members still in Afghanistan. Our counselling and befriending services are here to  support any Afghan women who need it. We provide advice, guidance, and an outlet for their emotional distress in their native languages (Farsi/Dari).

This crisis reaffirms our commitment to upholding the fundamental human rights of women in all parts of the world. We must use our voices to advocate for Afghan women and end all forms of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). Our goal has always been, and always will be, to ensure the safety of all women and offer access to intersectional advocacy and support to those who need it.

our policy dictates that no women shall ever be turned away. We will continue our fight towards a fairer and safer world for our women and girls. We will always be here to give advice and support and to assist women towards healing and recovery.

Halaleh Taheri

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