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Chair of the Board of Trustees

MEWSo is looking for a Chair to make a significant contribution to leading our Board, and to support our ability to deliver our strategic plans for the benefit of our service users.

What will you be doing?
The Chair needs to take the lead in ensuring that the trustees fulfil their duties and responsibilities for effective governance of


The Chair is a Trustee with a specific role on the Board. They are elected or appointed to this role as set out in the charity’s governing document. The Chair will be responsible for leading the meetings of the trustee Board, supporting and supervising the Chief Executive, and acting as a channel of communication between the Board and staff.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for proactive individuals who are willing to be engaged in MEWSo's work and support the staff when needed. We particularly encourage applications from women who have the following experience and qualities:

  • leadership skills

  • experience of committee work

  • tact and diplomacy

  • good communication and interpersonal skills

  • impartiality, fairness and the ability to respect confidences

  • work or volunteering experience in the charity sector, ideally supporting women from minority backgrounds

  • have a passion for MEWSo's work

  • can make the time commitment

  • no significant potential of conflict of interest.


We are keen to have an inclusive environment and maintain the diversity of our board; therefore, we would like to hear from women from minority ethnic backgrounds or LGBTQ+ communities to reflect the diverse communities we serve.

Time Commitment

  • The Board meets every two months (currently meetings are held remotely).

  • In addition, being Chair requires an estimated 5-8 hours of your time every month, or about 2 hours per week. However, the time commitment might change depending on our needs and projects so a level of flexibility is required.

  • There might also be some participation in subcommittees and working groups in the future.

  • And, ad-hoc communications with the Executive Director and staff.

Before you apply
Reach TrusteeWorks are supporting us with our Chair recruitment.

Please send a CV and a cover letter in which you include why you are interested in the role and how your skills and experience would add value to MEWSo.


If you have any questions or require any assistance submitting your application, please get in touch with the TrusteeWorks Team at You can also contact the TrusteeWorks Team to arrange an informal chat about the role.

Please, click on the Chair Candidate Pack below for more details. Thank You.

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