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SUMA's Super Complaint

The government continues to put migrant women's lives at risk by placing immigration enforcement over and above women's safety. 

We lobbied for a 'Firewall' between the police and immigration so that migrant women, often the victims of multiple serious crimes, can safely report to the police without the threat of being instantly deported.

The Government said no, and instead proposed an Immigration Enforcement (IE) Migrant Victims Protocol.

We whole-heartedly reject the Governments response and their Protocol because there remains a major conflict of interest at the very heart of Immigration Enforcement, and that is that its overriding role is to ENFORCE immigration rules, NOT PROTECT the victims of crime.

This Protocol only serves to continue to ramp up the Government’s hostile immigration policy. So, we will not engage with the Home Office in developing this Protocol nor campaign to raise awareness of it.

MEWSo's commitment, like all SUMA members, remains to ensure all victims can be safe, irrespective of their migrant status. And we will continue to campaign and advocate for effective reporting mechanisms that will keep migrant women safe.

Read SUMA's Joint Response Statement and the response to the Victims' Bill Consultation.

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