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أحدث الأخبار

الأخبار ، المشاهدات والتحديثات

Sept, 2023 - Over 70 leading organisations working to end Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), including MEWSo, sign Joint Manifesto for all political parties to adopt.

Dec, 2022 - Show your solidarity for the women of Iran by signing MEWSo's Women, Life, Freedom call to action.

Dec, 2022 - Watch MEWSo's Raise Your Voice: International Women's Conference.

Dec, 2022 - Read what Halaleh Taheri said at MEWSo's Raise Your Voice: International Women's Conference, following the death of Mahsa Amini. Whether you attended the conference or not, you can still add your name to the growing network of individuals and grassroots organisations helping women activists in the Middle East.

Nov, 2022 - Raise Your Voice: MEWSo's International Women's Conference following the death of Mahsa Amini and in light of the mass protests in Iran.

Oct, 2022 - About Events in Iran by Halaleh Taheri, MEWSo's Executive Director.

Aug, 2022 - Wonderful picnic for women and children many of whom suffer mobility and mental health issues. Read more

June, 2022 - Celebrating Volunteers Week 2022. View our Thank You video showing our appreciation of MEWSo's hardworking and enthusiastic volunteers.

June, 2022 - Launch of MEWSo's latest film showing the harm and damage virginity tests do to women and their relationships.

June, 2022 - Come celebrate a truly momentous year for MEWSo at our Annual General Meeting on Friday 24 June. Click for more details.

May, 2022 - Winners of the Best Coalition Award 2022 for the Ban Virginity Testing & Hymenoplasty. Read more about the successful Coalition that got these practices made illegal in Britain.

March, 2022 - International Women's Day - Several online events from the Finsbury Park Women's Network in Islington. Find out more and come join in. 

March 2022 - MEWSo wins Standout Women's Champion 2022, at the London Community Foundation's London Impact Awards. 

Feb, 2022 - Read SUMA's Super Complaint against the proposed Immigration Enforcement (IE) Migrant Victims Protocol.

Jan, 2022 - Read our response on banning hymen repairs on MEWSo's latest blog and watch our video

Jan, 2022 - MEWSo, the first organisation to campaign against virginity tests and hymen repair surgeries back in 2019, celebrates the government's decision to make virginity tests and hymen surgeries illegal.

Read recognition of MEWSo ground-breaking campaign and our battle for better education on the subject, in this BBC article and the first major article where MEWSo talked about the need to ban hymen repair surgeries

Jan, 2022 - MEWSo begins new three-month project supporting undocumented migrants in Hackney refused welfare benefits. 

Nov, 2021 - Safety Before Status report is published to better protect migrant women from abuse and violence. 

Nov 2021  - The MEWSo Arts Festival at the Kurdish Community Centre with special thanks for the help of the Kurdish Women's Initiative in the UK.  

آب (أغسطس) 2021 - كيفية دعم حملتنا لحظر اختبارات العذرية وجراحة غشاء البكارة .

ابحث عن عضو البرلمان وعنوان بريده الإلكتروني وقم بتنزيل قالب الخطاب "اكتب إلى MP الخاص بك". 

Feb, 2021 - MEWSo wins Community Integration Award. Watch the promotional video gifted to us as one of the prizes.

Jan, 2021 - MEWSo's campaigns against virginity tests and hymen reconstruction surgeries being publicised in national newspapers and on the BBC website.

Nov, 2020 - Halaleh Taheri speaks up during International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women at the Community Plan 4 Holloway conference.

Nov, 2020 - Following the 2019 launch of MEWSo's campaign to ban virginity tests, Halaleh Taheri speaks to BBC Newsbeat.

July, 2020 - MEWSo's 10-Year Anniversary - a live Zoom event

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