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Step Up Migrant Women

After the Government set out its the Domestic Abuse Bill, the campaign Step Up Migrant Women (SUMA), of which MEWSo is a signatory, wrote to the Secretary of State asking for more protection for migrant women. View the full letter, and reports by Amnesty International, the Women's Budget Group, and Women's Grid.


Taboo, But Polygamy Is

Still Growing

The taboo practise of polygamy was the latest subject of blog (maga)zine, The Rising Womxn. Interviewing Executive Director Halaleh Taheri about MEWSo's Polygamy Matters campaign, writer Emily Stephens explores the very real dangers faced by women in polygamous relationships, to the point where many are not told they're entering a polygamous marriage, they only find out once they're stuck in it.


A Stitch Too Far

Continuing to spread the word about MEWSo's anti hymenoplasty campaign, Hymenoplasty Matters, read Halaleh Taheri's latest interview with online (maga)zine, Dazed Beauty, discussing the pain and politics of restitching the hymen.

But calls to ban virginity repair surgery could put women's health ini danger, Halaleh told BBC News, and relaid by news outlets around the world. Such as the online health news website MyHealthyClick, the St Lucia Times, the Daily Sun, and, surprisingly, Yahoo Movies

Back of Female Head

Safe and Legal Routes

for Refugees

MEWSo is one of 100 organisations demanding safe and legal routes for people crossing the channel in dangerous, over crowded boats. The demand, in a letter, has been sent to the Home Secretary Priti Patel. 

As people seeking protection in the UK can only do so once on UK soil, it forces many to take life-threatening risks. What is needed, say the 100, which includes Windrush survivors, are more compassionate legal means made available so that refugee journeys can be safer. Read the letter in full.

Award August 2020.jpeg

We've Won An Award!

MEWSo has won a prestigious Education and Training award from Corporate Vision, a digital platform that supports and guides better business practices.
The award was for Best Women's Empowerment Education & Training NPO (Non-Profit Organisation), London, 2020.

Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 12.26.33.jpeg

Controversial Virginity Tests

Sold By UK Clinics

The BBC identified 21 clinics in the UK offering virginity testing and quotes MEWSo's Executive Director calling for virginity testing and hymen repair surgery to be banned, the first campaigner to do so back in 1019, who also insisted that there must be education, too. "Banning the practice without proper education will only do more harm than good," she said.

LGBTQ+ Logo Designs_edited.png

Fighting for LGBTQ+ Women

Read the interview of Haleleh Taheri by Islington Giving talking about MEWSo's campaign to fight LGBTQ+ discrimination, protect women's human rights and empower LGBTQ+ women to get out into the sun and lead full and meaningful lives. 

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