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Audrey Thompson

Communications Coordinator

Her Story

In a 30+ year career as a writer and communicator, Audrey started as a cub reporter on a North London newspaper in the late 1980s before working for BBC Radio 4 as a producer in the 90s.


She then moved into writing specifically about health and social care issues for a variety of specialist newspapers and magazines both as a staff member and as a freelance writer/editor for more than 10 years.


She joined the Greater London Authority in 2003 working under the then Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, as a writer and section-editor for several publications. When the administration changed in 2008, she again worked as both a staff member and a freelance editor, press officer and web-content editor for Government agencies, such as the Food Standards Agency, a number of charities and several London Local Authorities. She joined MEWSo in March 2020.


If you have any questions about MEWSo you can call (Mon & Tues) or email Audrey at:

07442 678 447

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