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Ellie Adams

Fundraising and Projects Manager

Her Story

Ellie has worked in both fundraising and programme management for a range of humanitarian and development organisations.


After completing her first degree, and starting working life (which included a six-month stint working for the European Commission) she gained a scholarship from the European Union to study International Development. That degree took her to Holland, Ireland and Indonesia, and included learning about humanitarian emergencies and development. She developed a particular interest in projects focused around helping women, and is passionate about gender equality and women empowerment.


As well as working to secure funding for MEWSo's day-to-day operations, Ellie is continually raising funds to support our campaigns - polygamy, banning virginity tests and hymen repair surgeries, migrant women and LGBTQ+ concerns.

"It has been more than 100 years since the world began observing International Women’s Day, yet gender inequality is still visible in most facets of any society. I am proud to support MEWSo’s work towards a society in which women in all our diversity are free to fulfil our potential."


Should you have a question concerning grants for MEWSo, email Ellie at:

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