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Noella Hacquard


Her Story

With a postgraduate diploma from the notable Tavistock and Portman Clinic; a Masters in Psychoanalytical Studies at Birkbeck University, London; and, excellence in Master of Science in Social Work from France, Noella has continued to develop her interest in bettering the lives of children and families over the past 18 years. 



She has worked in France and Britain as a Social Worker and advocates for the most marginalised young people within education, the youth justice system and family courts. Within each work environment, Noella has improved the practice of these agencies and was commended by Ofsted in 2011 for her excellent work.


In addition to her studies and work experience, Noella has found time to volunteer at the French Clinic as the Safeguarding Lead for Children.  She continues to empower women to know about their rights, and help themselves to improve their circumstances.


Understanding Oppression
She has an excellent understanding of a number of cultures and the oppression they suffer having been born in Central African Republic, raised in South America, and lived for many years in France. Noella moved to the UK in 2006, bringing her diverse international experience into her work.  


She also openly shares the fact that being a woman of mixed heritage, with a disability has given her great understanding of systemic discrimination, especially regarding decolonisation and children’s rights.


Noella's commitment to influencing change, and enabling good practice is what inspired her to join MEWSo

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