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MEWSo's International Women's Conference
#Mahsa Amini

After the death in Iran of Mahsa Amini, the protests that are continuing, and the Islamic state's retaliation of mass arrests, abductions, rapes and state-sponsored killings, MEWSo is holding an online International Women's Conference called Raise Your Voice.

Women activists from Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and Britain will talk about their experiences fighting for women's rights, share the lessons learned particularly from the women's protests in Iran, and help create an active international network of grassroots organisations to keep these issues in the public eye.

The speakers are: Azar Majedi from Iran, Yanar Mohammed from Iraq, Lida Ahmad from Afghanisatan, Rasha Hilwi from Palestine, and Halaleh Taheri, Founder and Executive Director of MEWSo, and one-time Kurdish freedom fighter in Iran.

The conference also aims to encourage women of Middle Eastern, North African and Asian backgrounds, who are living in Britain and whose freedoms are often restricted by their own families and communities - not by government - to demand the freedoms available to them, as is their right, and the rights available to all people living in the UK.

Women are fighting for their rights and freedoms all over the world, including the UK, and MEWSo wants to capture that sense of urgency and build on it.

Some of the issues to be discussed include: freedom of speech; freedom to wear the hijab or not; educating girls and the right of women to work; the abhorrent practise of honour killings; the routine arrest, rape and torture of women; and women's rights - such as they are - in different Islamic states.

The conference is on MONDAY 28th NOVERMBER, 4-6pm GMT

If you want to hear what these women have to say and contribute to the discussions, please fill out this Google form, and the Zoom link will be emailed to you a few days before the conference.

This online conference will also be broadcast live on MEWSo's Facebook page and later on posted on our YouTube channel for those unable to attend. 

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